Friday, February 12, 2021

KNKX and Cancel Culture

 Last August, I wrote a blog (A City in Fear Can Be Restored) criticizing violent protestors who destroyed property and hurt people in Seattle.  In that blog, I noted some historical analogs, such as the violence in the 1920s and 1930s Germany. I was NOT referring to peaceful protestors for social or racial justice.

Within hours, KNKX canceled my weather segment based on pressure from political activists.  The same activists that had been trying to get me fired off the station because they did not like my science-based discussion of global warming on my blog.

Cancel culture at a public radio station that was saved to promote diversity of viewpoint.

I have completed a series of blogs talking about what really happened.  They also discuss the issues involved.  If you are interested, here is the list (click to view):

My Firing at KNKX

KNKX, James Madison, and Mobs

KNKX and the Undermining of American Democracy

Political Violence is Always Destructive: My August Blog Revisited

The Progressive Decline and Politicization of Public Radio Station KNKX

KNKX Leader Resigns as the Radio Station Turns to Political Advocacy

Since the cancelation, several lawyers, outraged by what KNKX did,  have volunteered to help me.

If you want to help,  please contact KNKX management and ask that they reverse their decision:

Station Manager: Joey Cohn,
Program Director: Matt Martinez,
Chair of KNKX Board, Claire Grace, send to


  1. A well reasoned and well supported post, MAC. Good on you! Your suspenders must be poppin'. We all should strive to be as virtuous and knowledgeable as MAC.

  2. Hi, Cliff, thanks for not just turning away from this. MAC is funny. I envision a Will Ferrell character. Stay Classy!

  3. You could have made the point, which is a good one, without making reference to Nazi Germany. By doing so you opened the door to associating the peaceful protesters with an era of repression and violence.

  4. Cliff's references were appropriate and continue to be supported by ongoing actions we see daily. That some people want to avoid facing the facts and seem to be ignorant of history is no excuse for those who do see the parallels and think it important to point them out, from doing so. It is fine if you disagree and wish to present an alternative argument backed up by other facts and reasoned arguments. But the calls to censor all dissenting opinions -- which is precisely what cancel culture is -- only strengthens, not diminished Cliff's points. Read your history.

    When people demand a "safe space," the only thing they are protecting themselves from is their own rational thinking.